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Forenom Serviced Apartments Oslo S

Location: Skippergata 19, Oslo, Norway
| Neighborhood: HovedOya, Oslo, Oslo area, Oppegard, Lorenskog , Baerum
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EPS Location 1 and 2A stay at this apartment places you in the heart of Oslo, within a 10-minute walk of Oslo Opera House and Oslo Spektrum. This apartment is 2 mi (3.2 km) from Aker Brygge and 3.4 mi (5.5 km) from University of Oslo.EPS RoomsMake yourself comfortable in this apartment, featuring a kitchen with a refrigerator and an oven. Wired and wireless Internet access is complimentary, and a flat-screen television with cable programming provides entertainment. Conveniences include a desk and a separate sitting area.EPS Business, Other AmenitiesFeatured amenities include complimentary wired Internet access and an elevator.

Nearest Landmarks

  • Cinemateket (0.1mi)
  • Dronningens Gate Station (0.1mi)
  • Norwegian Customs Museum (0.1mi)
  • Oslo Central Station (0.1mi)
  • Bazaar Halls (0.1mi)
  • Jernbanetorget (0.1mi)
  • Mini Bottle Gallery (0.1mi)
  • Oslo Cathedral (Domkirke) (0.1mi)
  • Jernbanetorget T-Station (0.2mi)
  • Byporten Shopping Centre (0.2mi)
  • Stortorvet (0.2mi)
  • Norwegian Scout Museum (0.2mi)
  • Oslo City Shopping Centre (0.2mi)
  • Stortorvet Station (0.2mi)
  • Oslo S Stasjon (0.2mi)
  • Museum For Contemporary Art (0.2mi)
  • Kirkeristen Station (0.2mi)
  • Stortinget T-Station (0.2mi)
  • Karl Johan Street (0.2mi)
  • Stortinget Station (0.3mi)
  • Wessels Place Station (0.3mi)
  • Christiania Torv Station (0.3mi)
  • Parliament (Oslo) (0.3mi)
  • Oslo Spektrum (0.3mi)
  • Supreme Court of Norway (0.3mi)
  • Oslo Opera House (0.3mi)
  • Brugata Station (0.4mi)
  • Inkognitogata Station (0.4mi)
  • Oslo Nye Teater (0.4mi)
  • Radhusplassen Station (0.4mi)
  • Rockefeller Music Hall (0.4mi)
  • Tinghuset Station (0.4mi)
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt Statue (0.4mi)
  • Armed Forces Museum (0.4mi)
  • Norwegian Resistance Museum (0.5mi)
  • Akershus Fortress (0.5mi)
  • Trinity Church (0.5mi)
  • Norwegian Theatre (0.5mi)
  • Bussterminalen Gronland Station (0.5mi)
  • Oslo Tourist Information (0.5mi)
  • Fridtjof Nansen Square (0.5mi)
  • Oslo City Hall (0.5mi)
  • Jewish Museum (0.5mi)
  • National Theater (0.5mi)
  • Gronland T-Station (0.5mi)
  • National Gallery (0.5mi)
  • Central Oslo (0.5mi)
  • University Aula (0.5mi)
  • Hausmanns Gate Station (0.5mi)
  • St. Olav's Cathedral (0.6mi)
  • Chat Noir (0.6mi)
  • Oslo School Museum (0.6mi)
  • Oslo Reptile Park (0.6mi)
  • Tullinlokka Station (0.6mi)
  • Nationaltheatret Tram Station (0.6mi)
  • Kulturkirken JAKOB (0.6mi)
  • Gronland (0.6mi)
  • Nobel Peace Center (0.6mi)
  • Intercultural Museum (0.6mi)
  • Aker Brygge Station (0.6mi)
  • Vikatorvet Station (0.6mi)
  • Museum of Cultural History (0.6mi)
  • DogA Norwegian Design and Architecture Centre (0.6mi)
  • Stenersen Museum (0.6mi)
  • Nationaltheatret T-Station (0.6mi)
  • Oslo Concert Hall (0.7mi)
  • Bygdelagssamskipnaden (0.7mi)
  • Damstredet (0.7mi)
  • Fire Museum (0.7mi)
  • Palace Park (0.7mi)
  • Gronland Church (0.7mi)
  • Aker Brygge (0.7mi)
  • Heimdalsgata Station (0.7mi)
  • Medieval Park (0.7mi)
  • Munkegata Station (0.7mi)
  • Nybrua Station (0.7mi)
  • Oslo Ladegard (0.8mi)
  • Vika (0.8mi)
  • Slottsparken Station (0.8mi)
  • Henrik Ibsen Museum (0.8mi)
  • St. Halvards Place Station (0.8mi)
  • St. Hallvard's Cathedral (0.8mi)
  • Popsenteret (0.8mi)
  • Royal Palace (0.8mi)
  • Var Frelsers Cemetery (0.8mi)
  • Gamle Oslo (0.8mi)
  • Oslo Botanic Garden (0.8mi)
  • Schous Place Station (0.8mi)
  • Oslo Hospital Station (0.9mi)
  • Pushwagner Gallery (0.9mi)
  • Holbergs plass Station (0.9mi)
  • Hoyskolesenteret Station (0.9mi)
  • Gamlebyen Church (0.9mi)
  • Telthusbakken (0.9mi)
  • Old Aker Church (0.9mi)
  • Mathallen Oslo (0.9mi)
  • Central Jam-e-Mosque (0.9mi)
  • Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art (0.9mi)
  • Norwegian Nobel Institute (0.9mi)
  • Sneak Peak (1.0mi)
  • Norwegian Museum of Magic (1.0mi)
  • Sjomannsskolen Station (1.0mi)
  • Hovedoya (1.0mi)
  • Grunerlokka (1.0mi)
  • Welhavens gate Station (1.0mi)
  • Olaf Ryes Place Station (1.0mi)
  • Toyen Station (1.0mi)
  • Toyen T-Station (1.0mi)
  • Munch Museum (1.0mi)
  • Solli Station (1.0mi)
  • Botanical Museum (1.0mi)
  • Lakkegata skole Station (1.0mi)
  • Vantage Point Ekeberg (1.0mi)
  • Sofienberg Park (1.1mi)
  • Dalsbergstien Station (1.1mi)
  • Toyen (1.1mi)
  • National Library (1.1mi)
  • Natural History Museum (1.1mi)
  • Sofienberg Church (1.1mi)
  • Bislett Stadium (1.1mi)
  • Riddervolds Place Station (1.1mi)
  • Homansbyen Station (1.1mi)
  • St. Hanshaugen (1.1mi)
  • St. Hanshaugen Park (1.2mi)
  • Toyen Park (1.2mi)
  • Paulus Church (1.2mi)
  • Niels Juels Gate Station (1.2mi)
  • Kampen Church (1.2mi)
  • Birkelunden (1.2mi)
  • Sofienberg Station (1.2mi)
  • Stensgata Station (1.2mi)
  • Bislett Station (1.2mi)
  • Uranienborg Church (1.2mi)
  • Briskeby Station (1.2mi)
  • Uranienborgveien Station (1.2mi)
  • Skillebekk (1.2mi)
  • Birkelunden Station (1.3mi)
  • Toyenbadet Public Bath (1.3mi)
  • Jordal Amfi (1.3mi)
  • Skillebekk Station (1.3mi)
  • Ekebergparken Sculpture Park (1.3mi)
  • Color Line Ferry Terminal (1.3mi)
  • CAK Center for African Culture (1.3mi)
  • Rosenborg Station (1.3mi)
  • Fagerborg Church (1.3mi)
  • Lille Frogner alle Station (1.3mi)
  • Bislett (1.3mi)
  • Oslo Toyen Station (1.4mi)
  • Black Box Theater (1.4mi)
  • Majorstua (1.4mi)
  • Rignes Brewery (1.4mi)
  • Ensjo Station (1.4mi)
  • Carl Berners Place Station (1.4mi)
  • Rosenhoff Station (1.4mi)
  • Sjursoya (1.4mi)
  • Valerenga Church (1.5mi)
  • Biermanns Gate Station (1.5mi)
  • Frogner (1.5mi)
  • Honse-Lovisas Hus (1.5mi)
  • Elisinburg Station (1.5mi)
  • Ensjo T-Station (1.5mi)
  • Schultz' Gate Station (1.5mi)
  • Frogner Church (1.5mi)
  • Carl Berners Place T-Station (1.5mi)
  • Waterfall at Molla (1.5mi)
  • Iladalen Church (1.6mi)
  • Skarpsno Station (1.6mi)
  • Norwegian Museum of Veterinary History (1.6mi)
  • Adamstuen Station (1.6mi)
  • Frogner Station (1.7mi)
  • Vigelandsparken Station (1.7mi)
  • Majorstuen Station (1.7mi)
  • Frogner Place Station (1.7mi)
  • Frogner Park (1.7mi)
  • Majorstuen Church (1.7mi)
  • Jomfrubraten Station (1.7mi)
  • Voienvolden Manor (1.7mi)
  • Fram Museum (1.7mi)
  • Annes Puppet Theater (1.8mi)
  • Hopp i Havet (1.8mi)
  • Norwegian Maritime Museum (1.8mi)
  • Nobels Gate Station (1.8mi)
  • Sinsenterrassen Station (1.8mi)
  • Kon Tiki Museum (1.8mi)
  • Torshov Station (1.8mi)
  • Majorstuen T-Station (1.8mi)
  • Ice-Skating Museum (1.8mi)
  • Oslo City Museum (1.8mi)
  • Oslo Transport Museum (1.8mi)
  • Ulleval Hospital Museum (1.8mi)
  • LindOya (1.8mi)
  • Vigeland Museum (1.8mi)
  • Frognerbadet Open-Air Public Bath (1.9mi)
  • Ulleval Hospital Station (1.9mi)
  • Helsfyr T-Station (1.9mi)
  • Hasle Station (1.9mi)
  • Hasle T-Station (1.9mi)
  • Oscarshall (1.9mi)
  • Sinsen (1.9mi)
  • Sagene Church (1.9mi)
  • Sportsplassen Station (1.9mi)
  • Vestre Aker Church (1.9mi)
  • Helsfyr Station (2.0mi)
  • Gustav Vigeland Sculpture Park (2.1mi)
  • Sandaker Center Station (2.1mi)
  • Froen Station (2.1mi)
  • Gressholmen (2.1mi)
  • Norwegian Museum of Cultural History (2.1mi)
  • Torshov Church (2.1mi)
  • International Museum of Childrens Art (2.1mi)
  • Froen T-Station (2.2mi)
  • Eastern Cemetery (2.2mi)
  • John Colletts Place Station (2.2mi)
  • Peer Gynt Sculpture Park (2.2mi)
  • Viking Ship Museum (2.2mi)
  • Thune Station (2.2mi)
  • Sinsen Station (2.2mi)
  • University of Oslo (2.2mi)
  • Ryen T-Station (2.3mi)
  • Western Cemetery (2.3mi)
  • University Blindern Station (2.3mi)
  • Bygdoy (2.3mi)
  • Ryen Station (2.3mi)
  • Brynseng T-Station (2.3mi)
  • Dyna Lighthouse (2.3mi)
  • Blindern Station (2.3mi)
  • Sinsen T-Station (2.3mi)
  • Brynseng Station (2.3mi)
  • Blindern T-Station (2.3mi)
  • Holtet Station (2.3mi)
  • Sinsenkrysset Station (2.4mi)
  • Bryn (2.4mi)
  • Okern Station (2.4mi)
  • Okern T-Station (2.4mi)
  • Manglerud T-Station (2.4mi)
  • Skoyen (2.4mi)
  • Manglerud Station (2.4mi)
  • Grefsenveien Station (2.4mi)
  • Borgen T-Station (2.5mi)
  • Oslo Bryn Station (2.5mi)
  • Brattlikollen T-Station (2.5mi)
  • Borgen Station (2.5mi)
  • Oslo Grefsen Station (2.5mi)
  • Skoyen Station (2.5mi)
  • Brattlikollen Station (2.5mi)
  • Forskningsparken T-Station (2.5mi)
  • Forskningsparken Station (2.5mi)
  • Steinerud Station (2.5mi)
  • Steinerud T-Station (2.5mi)
  • Center for Studies of Holocaust and Religious Minorities (2.5mi)
  • Grefsen Station (2.5mi)
  • Hoyenhall Station (2.5mi)
  • Oslo Skoyen Station (2.5mi)
  • Hoyenhall T-Station (2.5mi)
  • Ulleval Stadium T-Station (2.6mi)
  • Ullevaal Stadium Station (2.6mi)
  • Storo T-Station (2.6mi)
  • Gaustadalleen Station (2.7mi)
  • Storo Station (2.7mi)
  • Ullevaal Stadium (2.7mi)
  • Vinderen T-Station (2.7mi)
  • Vinderen Station (2.7mi)
  • Hoff Station (2.7mi)
  • Gaustad (2.7mi)
  • Nydalen T-Station (2.8mi)
  • Gaustad Station (2.8mi)
  • Northern Skoyen Manor (2.8mi)
  • Sorli Station (2.8mi)
  • Berg Station (2.8mi)
  • Rikshospitalet Station (2.8mi)
  • Langoyene (2.8mi)
  • Berg T-Station (2.8mi)
  • Disen Station (2.9mi)
  • Smestad Station (2.9mi)
  • Karlsrud T-Station (2.9mi)
  • Paradisbukta Beach (2.9mi)
  • Smestad T-Station (2.9mi)
  • Hellerud T-Station (2.9mi)
  • Hellerud Station (2.9mi)
  • Karlsrud Station (2.9mi)
  • Ulvoya (2.9mi)
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All Amenities

  • Elevator
  • Free WiFi
  • Free wired Internet
  • In-room accessibility
  • Smoke-free property
  • Total number of rooms - 15
  • Wheelchair accessible path of travel

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House Rules

Check-in Instructions

Check in: 4:00 PM
Check Out: 11:00 AM
Extra-person charges may apply and vary depending on property policy.
Government-issued photo identification and a credit card are required at check-in for incidental charges.
Special requests are subject to availability upon check-in and may incur additional charges. Special requests cannot be guaranteed.
    Please note that cultural norms and guest policies may differ by country and by property. The policies listed are provided by the property.
Guests must contact this hotel in advance to reserve a crib (infant bed). Contact the office using the information on the reservation confirmation received after booking.

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