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Experience the City of Oslo on Foot

November 21, 2017
When in a new city, it is always a tradition to do touristy things. Exploring the various attractions and learning more about the local culture shows how exactly big the world is. But why go for a typical approach when you are soaking in all the knowledge? Instead of a bus, or a tour cab why not travel on foot?
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Explore Oslo’s Viking Ship Museum

November 03, 2017
Are you a ship lover? If so, the Viking Ship Museum in Oslo is the best place to satisfy your craving for both history and naval knowledge. This Museum is a part of the Museum of Cultural History, at the University of Oslo and boasts a wide range of archaeological finds that will leave you amazed. You will learn, not only about the artifacts, but also about the life during that time.
Thumbnail for Discover the Scenic City of Bergen

Discover the Scenic City of Bergen

November 01, 2017
If you are visiting Oslo, then the second largest city in Norway, Bergen must also be on your list. A little distance away from the capital, this picturesque city is also called as the ‘City of the Seven Mountains’. Not only is this a destination for nature lovers, but this place is perfect just to spend at the beach. If you want to explore without the presence of a large tour crowd, why not go for a self-guided tour, so that way you check out the spots that really catch your fancy?
Thumbnail for Travel to Oslo on a Budget

Travel to Oslo on a Budget

October 16, 2017
Travel is always exciting, and it is equally exciting when you can enjoy the numerous delights in an economical way. So what if Oslo is considered to be one of the most expensive cities in Europe, you can still have an amazing vacation without stretching your pocket too much.

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