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Oslo Museums

Oslo city is renowned all over the world for its attractions like museums, natural parks, and exhibition centres. Celebrated museums like the Fram Polar Ship Museum, Holmenkollen Ski Museum, the Vigeland Sculpture Park and the Viking Ship Museum have imparted immense cultural importance to the city.

One of the most popular attractions in Oslo is Munch Museum, which houses the masterpiece ‘The Scream’, and an assortment of works of various artists within the region. These museums exhibit some of the most important and unique artefacts of the country. Read on to know more about the museums in Oslo, that forms a meeting point of the new and the old world.

Munch Museum (Munchmuseet)
Munch Museum

Munch Museum (Munchmuseet)

The Munch Museum is popular for its work which excels in expressionism. This museum collection includes paintings, sculptures, books, art tools, drawings, prints depicting different motifs and the works of famous Norwegian artist Edvard Munch, The museum was designed by architects Einar Myklebust and Gunnar Fougner, and then they renovated it in 1994 on the occasion of Munch’s 50th death anniversary.

Address: Tøyengata 53, 0578 Oslo, Norway
Tel.: +47 23 49 35 00

Norwegian Folk Museum (Norsk Folkemuseum)
Norwegian Folk Museum

Norwegian Folk Museum (Norsk Folkemuseum)

The Norsk Folkemuseum is an open air museum with over 150 buildings. Notable among these is the medieval Gol Stave Church that dates back to 1200 A.D. The life and people in different regions of Norway through different periods are exhibited here. The dissimilarity between the way of life for country and town, among different social classes is also highlighted in these exhibits.

Address: Museumsveien 10, 0287 Oslo, Norway
Tel.: +47 22 12 37 00

Oslo city museum (Bymuseet)
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Oslo city museum (Bymuseet)

The Oslo city museum is situated at the Frogner Park in Frogner Manor. It was an autonomous museum till the year 2006 and was established in 1905, but later it became a part of the Oslo Museum, along with two other museums. This museum is the place where you will find a special library which documents the history of Oslo, and also an important photo collection of Norway.

Address: Frognerveien 67, 0266 Oslo, Norway
Tel.: +47 23 28 41 70

Ibsen Museum (Ibsenmuseet)
CC / User:Mahlum

Ibsen Museum (Ibsenmuseet)

The Ibsen Museum features many exhibits of the Norwegian poet and playwright Henrik Ibsen, including his works and private home in which he has lived for about 11 years. Positioned close to the Royal Palace this museum is currently being run by the Norsk Folkemuseum. However, Ibsen’s restored home is the main attraction of this place and is visited by thousands of tourists every year.

Address: Henrik Ibsens gate 26, 0255 Oslo, Norway
Tel.: +47 22 12 35 50

Kon-Tiki Museum (Kon-Tiki Museet)
Philip Gabrielsen/CC BY 4.0

Kon-Tiki Museum (Kon-Tiki Museet)

The Kon-Tiki (Kontiki) museum houses the collection of exhibits from the famous expeditions of the Norwegian explorer Thor Heyerdahl. It has vessels and maps from the expeditions of the Tigris, Kon-Tiki, Fatu-Hiva, Easter Island and Ra as well as a library with nearly 80,000 books. The raft used for his journey from South America through the Pacific Ocean to the Polynesian islands is stored here. A whale shark, the largest fish in the world has found a home in the basement of the museum.

Address: Bygdøynesveien 36, 0286 Oslo, Norway
Tel.: +47 23 08 67 67

Astrup Fearnley Museum (Astrup Fearnley Museet)
Kvikk/CC BY-SA 3.0

Astrup Fearnley Museum (Astrup Fearnley Museet)

The Astrup Fearnley Museum was established in 1993 and is located at the Strandpromenaden. The museum was designed by the Renzo Piano Building Workshop and mostly concentrates on American appropriation artists from the 1980s, but recently they are also moving towards international contemporary art scene. The place holds about 6-7 momentary exhibitions every year. The museum has moved into two new buildings in the Tjuvholmen.

Address: Strandpromenaden 2, 0252 Oslo, Norway
Tel.: +47 22 93 60 60

Natural History Museum (Naturhistorisk Museet)
GuoJunjun/CC BY-SA 3.0 NO

Natural History Museum (Naturhistorisk Museet)

The star attraction of the Natural History Museum in Oslo is 'Ida' the fossil of an early primate. It is the most complete and also the oldest fossil as of today. The exhibits for the museum have been collected and preserved for a span of almost 200 years. It is an interesting journey through the geographical and zoological museum. The Botanical garden, the part of the museum is rejuvenating while also being informative and enlightening.

Address: Sars' gate 1, 0562 Oslo, Norway
Tel.: +47 22 85 50 50

Norwegian Museum of Technology (Norsk Teknisk Museet)
Trond Strandsberg/CC BY-SA 3.0

Norwegian Museum of Technology (Norsk Teknisk Museet)

The Norwegian Museum of Science and Technology is Norway's national museum for science, technology, industry, transport and medicine. The museum depicts transitions made by technology and science in terms of progress through the ages. It is an educational institution displaying collections, exhibitions, publications and other ongoing activities throughout the year. The museum also has a library of historical archives, a café and a museum shop. The museum is the perfect place not just for students but also for visitors who are curious to know about the evolution of technology.

Address: Kjelsåsveien 143, 0491 Oslo, Norway
Tel.: +47 22 79 60 00

Henie Onstad Art Centre (Henie Onstad Kunstsenter)
Leifern/CC BY-SA 3.0

Henie Onstad Art Centre (Henie Onstad Kunstsenter)

Henie Onstad Art Centre located at Høvikodden exhibits Norway's largest international modern art collection. Located just 15 minutes from Oslo centre, World and Olympic champion figure skater, Sonja Henie and her husband Neils Onstad founded the centre in 1968. The museum also houses a shop, library, Sculpture Park, and restaurant called Bølgen & Moi.

Address: Sonja Henies vei 31, 1311 Høvikodden, Norway.
Tel.: +47 67 80 48 80

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