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Food & Drinks

Enjoy Delicious Food at Oslo’s Top Restaurants


The capital city of Norway has a lot to offer, both in terms of history as well as tourist attractions and stunning scenery. Now while a lot of these things are important on holiday, so is food! Grab your family or loved ones and head on over to these restaurants which will give you a whole new insight on Oslo food. Visit one or check out all of them on your trip, the choice is yours!


Sawan Restaurent Oslo
Credit: Sawan

If you are craving Thai cuisine the Restaurant Sawan in Oslo, definitely has to be on the top of your list. With Scandinavian style interiors, the essence of the food captures the Asian flavours perfectly, with sashimi and sushi also added to the mix.

Maaemo Restaurent
Credit: Maaemo

Maaemo isn’t just a restaurant but a complete dining experience for its customers. You can spend an entire evening where you will fully appreciate the food, their food plates, wine pairings and variety of raw food selections. Not to mention the place has earned two Michelin stars as well!
Markveien Mat og Vinhus

Restaurent Oslo
Credit: Markveien Mat og Vinhus

For excellent Norwegian cuisine with a little bit of French-inspired flavour, the Markveien Mat og Vinhus is definitely your restaurant of choice. You can get crayfish, oxtail even a lamb with traditional ingredients to enhance your dining experience.
Engebret Café

Engebret Cafe Oslo
Credit: Engebret Cafe

One of the oldest restaurants in Oslo, the Engebret Café was started in 1857. The menu of the restaurants offers a wide variety of dishes, with seafood being their speciality. Try out their meals with an excellent pairing of wine as well.

Hanami Restaurent Oslo
Credit: Hanami

One of the finest Japanese fusion restaurants in Oslo, the Hanami stands out among the crowd. Aside from the intricate style of cooking where no flames are involved and only white oak is used, the sophisticated selection of raw fish make it a popular go-to among the people.
Enjoy a day of exploring Oslo by booking one of the amazing tours and wind down your day at one of these fantastic food spots!

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