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Gambling in Norway is as Amazing as in Your Country

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Credit: Pxhere

Gambling in the bigger part of Norway is prohibited and convectional gambling casinos are hard thing to find. There are only two business companies allowed to facilitate gambling activities in the country including the Norsk Rikstoto and the Norsk Tipping Company. If you love gaming via games like sports, lotteries and poker games do it through the Norsk Tipping website.

There are several betting portals where you can gamble online and watch your money grow. On a Norwegian casino web portal, you get to participate in the available number of games. The Norsk Rikstoto is owned by the government and it facilitates all the horse race related betting. There are several restrictions put in place to control who bets, when and how betting is governed.

Within the jurisdiction the ministry of the church and cultural affairs is the controller of all the betting activities.

Betting activities are allowed to be organized in home grounds as long as the activities are not business related that includes collection of admission fees, playing raked poker, commissions or club levies. The government limited the use of debit and credit cards to bank customers in a casino where the gambling was on land or on online platforms or a different part of the world while in Norway.

Gambling Games in Norwegian Casinos

There are a big number of venues where people practice gambling and there is a variety of games offered to a player each time they wish to play. Some of the games available include: roulette, bingo, baccarat, different poker game, slot game, lotteries and black jack; this games are offered by Norsk Tipping Company. There are machines with high regulations and restrictions of the players and they are the Belago and Multix machines. The regulations for example are; for one to play a Norwegian slots machine game one must be eighteen years of age and must have a player identity card and a valid account. There are loss limits per individual daily and after every hour play it is followed by an hour break period. The amount of money won is also limited to three hundred dollars.

Where Is Norway?

It is located in the northern side of Europe on the west and north of the Scandinavian peninsula. In Europe, it is among the most mountainous countries and the Scandinavian forested mountains cover large parts of the country.

Player Identity Card

The identity card contains the player’s age, their physical address, mobile number and their gender. All the transaction data is stored including the money spent and the amount of money won is stored in a database provided by the Norsk Tipping Company. If the card limits are reached depending on the money spent, the period used and the number of tickets purchased a player playing rights are withheld.

The Norwegian government has a great monopoly on the betting industry. There are a number of legislation and regulation measures put in place to control gambling activities within its jurisdiction. The slot machine games were entirely banned in the country and introduced the video interactive terminals leaving the citizens to mostly participate in online gambling. Due to the bank payment restrictions most gambling payments are through e-wallet processor payment method. There are only two companies which are allowed to facilitate gambling activities and they are directly controlled by the government and the player identity card limits the gambling activities a player can play.

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