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Delicious Foods to Try in Oslo during Summer

open sandwich
Credit: Pexels/Jane Trang Doan

It’s bright, beautiful, and sunny this time around in Oslo. And the stunning summer season makes enjoying all that the Norwegian capital has to offer, even more exciting. From theme parks and local gardens to cruise and sailing, it’s hard to pick just one thing to do. We recommend trying out some of these tempting food bites you’ll find almost anywhere in Oslo, and we guarantee you’ll fall in love with the city.

Open Sandwiches

Bright, colourful and prepared fresh to order, open sandwiches are extremely popular during the summer season in Oslo. You can choose a fresh toasted bread of your choice, with a wide variety of toppings- from avocado to chicken & prawns along with veggies. You can add pastrami, and pickles and even sprinkle it up with sauces like mayonnaise or mustard to tickle your taste buds!

Norwegian Hot Dogs

hot dog
Credit: Pixabay/hennigholger

The summer season also is barbeque season, and what better way to enjoy meat than a steaming fresh hot dog! Unlike the classic American version, the Norwegian dish has the sausage added to the special Lompa potato bread to give it a unique twist. Hold your appetite, because you can't just enjoy one of these goodies.

Fresh Prawns

Few things are as tempting as freshly plucked seafood. In Oslo, you'll find fishermen serving up fresh platter of prawns to restaurants & chefs. Enjoy this tempting delight in any of your favorite seafood dishes. The easiest way is to visit a wharf and grab some fresh prawns in bread with mayonnaise. Delicious & simple!

Fried Mackerel

fried marckerel
Credit: Pixabay/Stephanie Albert

Summer season is the best time to enjoy dining outdoors with the smell of freshly cooked food wafting through the air. You can cool down with a chilled glass of wine or beer as you grab a bite of the fried mackerel with some salad & a seasoning of herbs. Freshly caught & cooked just for you!

Meat Balls with Sauce

If you’re looking for classic Norwegian comfort food, meatballs with brown sauce are your best bet! Served piping hot with a side of salad during dinners, this dish is something you’ll find at most restaurants in Oslo without a doubt! Made with potatoes, carrots, and stirred cranberries with some salted meatballs & a dark is the perfect dinnertime experience!

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