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Experience Virtual Tours of Museums in Oslo

Interior of the Fram Museum after the 2018 rebuilds
Interior of the Fram Museum after the 2018 rebuilds.
Credit: Tore Storm Halvorsen / CC BY-SA 4.0

Dreaming of Oslo amid coronavirus lockdown? Tourists may still have to wait it out to visit the amazing city, but one can always turn to virtual travel to catch up on some of the best sites. By using 360-degree panoramic views for virtual tours, tourists can get closer to the city’s art and heritage even during the lockdown. Here are some of the most amazing 3D virtual tours of Oslo that one must visit.

The Polar Ship Fram in 3D

Exploring the strongest wooden ship ever built that still holds records has to be on your must-see list. The Fram Museum houses the famous Norwegian ice-defying 19th-century polar exploration ship. The ship is the primary attraction at the museum, and one can virtually explore the insides of the ship.

Visit: The Fram Museum

Viking Museum

 Viking Ship Museum in Oslo
Viking Ship Museum in Oslo. Credit: Grzegorz Wysocki / CC BY 3.0

It is exciting to able to discover the world's best-persevered Viking ships up close from the comfort of your homes. While exploring the Viking Ship Museum, look out for the beautiful wooden cravings and objects. The museum also shows discoveries from Oseberg, a great seafaring vessel. It’s awesome to navigate the ship at one’s own pace.

Visit: Viking Museum

Kon-Tiki Museum

Kon-Tiki, on display inside the Kon-Tiki Museum, Oslo
Kon-Tiki, on display inside the Kon-Tiki Museum, Oslo. Credit: Bahnfrend / CC BY-SA 4.0

Another thrilling virtual exploration worth looking out for is the famous vessels used by Norwegian explorer Thor Heyerdahl in some of the great sea voyages in modern history. The Kon-Tiki Museum houses Thor’s famous legacy and is an admirable virtual site.

Visit: Kon-Tiki Museum

Artworks at Munch Museum

Edvard Munch - Beach with Rocks
Edvard Munch - Beach with Rocks. Credit: PD-Art

Art lovers can indulge in some amazing digital experiences, exploring Norwegian artist Edvard Munch's paintings and photography. The Munch Museum (Munchmuseet) is a popular art museum that's dedicated to the life and works of artist Edvard Munch.

Visit: Munch Museum

Oslo Opera House

Oslo, Norway Opera House (designed by Snøhetta)
Oslo, Norway Opera House (designed by Snøhetta). Credit: DTankersley (WMF) / CC BY-SA 4.0

Enjoy glimpses of the structure of the Oslo Opera House. Get up close with the Opera House with its marble-covered roof, and its huge inner space with spectacular designs.

Visit: Oslo Opera House

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James Antony
Very awesome museums. I will visit Oslo in my future. Thank you so much

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