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Explore The Royal Palace in Oslo

Royal Palace Oslo
Royal Palace Oslo. Credit: Pxfuel

Oslo is not just an attractive tourist destination for sightseeing landmarks, but it is also a destination for history enthusiasts. The Royal Palace, located in the heart of Oslo city centre, is an iconic attraction and attracts visitors worldwide.

The Royal Palace in Oslo stands as a symbol of Norwegian history. The Palace's construction first began on October 1, 1825, for King Carl John but was used by King Oscar I on July 26 1849. The Palace is not just a government building but also serves as the King's residence and is used by members of the Royal Family when visiting. Danish-born architect Hans Ditlev Franciscus Linstow was among the creators who played a significant role in the Palace design.

This iconic building stands in central Oslo, right at the end of the Karl Johans gate, and is flanked on either side by the Palace Square and the Palace Park, making it a public-friendly surrounding. With beautifully landscaped green areas with small ponds and sculptures, the Palace is built with stuccoed brick in a neoclassical architectural style. There are three storeys and two wings in use by the Royal Family and government officials.

The southern and eastern garden areas are open to the public all year and serve as a beautiful spot to meet and hang out with friends. As a visitor or a local, the Royal Palace also offers public tours available during the summer months, from the end of June to mid-August. To this day, the guided tours reflect the design and architecture popular during construction and have been maintained with great care. Another popular feature while visiting the Royal Palace in Oslo is the Change of Guard that happens every day at 1:00 pm. It is a fanfare to remember!

Also, do not miss taking a trip to Oslo's popular landmarks and prepare to learn and be mesmerised!

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