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Oslo in Winter Season: Things to See & Do

Credit: Unsplash/CHUTTERSNAP

Have you ever wondered what makes Oslo so picturesque, especially during winter? The snow-capped gothic architecture, the historic attractions, the streets lined with Christmas decor and the Oslo fjords are what make visiting this city worth it during the holiday season. If you're thinking about heading to this city during the holiday season, book your flight and get the best discounts!

Oslo during the wintertime means you need to pack according to the weather. Warm jackets, base layers and snow boots might be necessary because temperatures plummet quickly from 1°C (33°F)  to -4°C (25°F). And because it's so cold, the tourist crowds are also not as big, so you can find deals on hotels, tours & event tickets.

Try Winter Sports Activities

Winter Sports
Credit: Pixabay/Geir Ormseth

If you are seeing snow for the first, then you're in for a treat! Wintertime in Oslo is a magical time. From the light flurries to heavy blizzards, every snowfall brings in winter sports activities you can enjoy. Try your hand sledging or ice skating when the temperatures drop below zero. You must also grab a chance to visit the Holmenkollen Ski Museum & Tower, which offers some of the best scenic views for sightseeing & skiing. Safe skiing! You can also experience snowshoe adventure in the stunning landscape of Oslomarka.

Visit the Christmas Market

The best time to visit Oslo is during the winter season, and the best month is December because you can participate in the Christmas festivities and ring in the New Year. From the downtown ice rink to the beautifully decorated Christmas markets, there is so much to see, eat, and shop. Don't forget to take pictures of the beautifully decorated Christmas trees around town as well!

Explore Indoor Culture Spots

For some of us, icy cold temperatures and snowfall doesn't sound as exciting as it looks. In that case, we recommend visiting popular cultural spots in Oslo to understand the history & culture of the Norwegian capital. From museums & galleries to events happening in town, this is your chance to make indoor exploring fun. Some spots even have live music playing to make it more interactive!

Travel Around with Day Tours

Booking a tour according to your liking is one of the best parts about travelling. There are so many choices, from family tours to private ones with you and your partner! You even have walking tours, sailing tours & cruises and even tours travelling to the outskirts of Oslo and the nearby towns. Explore the magical winter season in the safety of a group and with a guide!

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