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Discover the Scenic City of Bergen

Bergen City
Bergen City, Credit: Pixabay

If you are visiting Oslo, then the second-largest city in Norway, Bergen must also be on your list. A little distance away from the capital, this picturesque city is also called as the ‘City of the Seven Mountains’. Not only is this a destination for nature lovers, but this place is perfect just to spend at the beach. If you want to explore without the presence of a large tour crowd, why not go for a self-guided tour, so that way you check out the spots that really catch your fancy?

This European city has breathtaking mountain scenery and its scenic rail journeys will leave you in complete awe, from the moment you start your journey. You can explore not just Bergen, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, but you will also get a chance to visit Myrdal, Flåm, Gudvangen, and Voss all while traveling. Traveling to Bergen also requires you to take a cruise to reach your destination. A bonus!

Bergen Harbour
Bergen Harbour, Credit: Pixabay

The journey to Bergen is as thrilling as it is exciting, especially when you are not in the large company of tourists. If you are not tired from the 12-hour long journey to the city, you can hit the ground running and explore the scenic harbors. The city’s impressive cityscape also includes historic and modern attractions. Vibrant with Norwegian culture, you can enjoy the local tourist attractions like the Bergen Aquarium or the Bergenhus Fortress or simply take a walk around the city discovering the new food and culture.

A self-guided tour will also ensure that you can move about at your own pace and really stop to learn more about the things you like. With a fixed itinerary, the only route you will have to follow is to reach Bergen, before wandering around in luxury.

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