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Explore Oslo’s Viking Ship Museum

Viking ships museum
Viking ships museum. Credit: Flickr / Marie Guillaumet

Are you a ship lover? If so, the Viking Ship Museum in Oslo is the best place to satisfy your craving for both history and naval knowledge. This Museum is a part of the Museum of Cultural History, at the University of Oslo and boasts a wide range of archaeological finds that will leave you amazed. You will learn, not only about the artifacts, but also about the life during that time.

The Viking Ship Museum is one of the most popular attractions in Oslo, providing entertainment and knowledge to tourists and visitors of all age groups. You will find various archaeological artefacts from Tune, Gokstad, Oseberg and the Borre mound cemetery. ‘The Viking’s Alive’ adventure film is screened all throughout the day on the walls, to keep young and eager minds entertained and to keep the visit to the museum as interactive as possible.

Viking Ship Museum
Credit: Vikingskipshuset, UiO

However, the most popular attraction to the museum is without a doubt, its collection of ships. The Tune Viking Shi, excavated first, and the Gokstad Viking Ship showcase the marine engineering of the time which allowed swift and fast travel on water. Visiting this museum, you will also find the Oseberg Viking Ship, the almost complete ship recovered, which is excavated from the largest burial site in the world. Even if you are not interested in the information provided, you will most definitely pause to admire the excellent wooden carving done during that time in history.

Viking Ship Museum
Viking Ship Museum. Credit: Flickr / Jim G

Besides these longships, there is also a section for Viking tombs within the museum. The tomb resembles the thought of those times, where riches were buried along with other gifts to keep the deceased company in the afterlife.

An archaeologist at heart or if you have a fascination with ships, this museum is a fantastic visit that you will remember during your trip to Oslo.

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