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Top Reasons to Visit Oslo in Winter

Credit: Flickr / Caleb Khor

Despite it being winter, the holiday mood is fresh in the air and many prefer to take some time away from work for the perfect family vacation. However, with temperatures dropping, many people steer clear because of the frost or snow. Here, we have mentioned about some very important reasons that will make you fall in love with the city of Oslo.

Fewer Crowds

Credit: Flickr / Amir Lodge

When people think of Oslo, especially Norway they naturally assume freezing temperatures and chattering teeth. Naturally, Oslo can be a little forgotten during the winter time and it is perfect for you. With a minimum number of tourists, you can wander through the streets quietly and explore one of the many local attractions the city has to offer.

Norwegian Comfort Food

Norwegian Food
Credit: Flickr / Markus Tacker

The people of Oslo are surrounded by the cool winters and naturally, they excel in comfort food. While it may not be the haute cuisine you expect, but what you can expect is a warm, hearty meal mostly composed of meat and potatoes. Nothing like licking your fingers after a good meal!

Winter Sport Activities

Sport Activities
Sport Activities. Credit: Flickr / Walking With The Wounded

Even if you are not a fan of outdoor activities during the winter, it can be hard to contain the excitement as you see locals riding the sleigh or working through the network of ski riding trails. Norwegian people love the fresh air and can be seen frequently visiting the ice skating rinks with friends and family. Walk out and soak in the winter atmosphere!

Enjoy Drinking and Shopping

Oslo Restaurant
Credit: Flickr / Carlos Bryant

Oslo can put a small dent in the wallet, especially with the drinks and fine dining. However, some restaurants and bars in the city are worth the splurge. You get to mix with the locals and also taste some fantastic decoctions. Shopping can also offer you a unique experience with small and large boutiques to suit your spending.

Oslo Shopping Mall
Oslo Shopping Mall. Credit: Flickr / mksfca

The weather may not be that cold as compared to other European towns, and you can be assured to find a lot of snow here for a picturesque time.

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