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Examining the Online Casino Landscape in Norway

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Credit: Pxhere

A global industry

In its current form gambling is unrecognisable from its origins of the past few hundred years that came to characterise this age-old pastime. The images of smoky back room gambling dens frequented by questionable characters have been replaced by a shiny digitised world that can make millionaires in the blink of an eye.

Today, online gambling is a burgeoning industry. Across the world, thousands of operators located in geographically disparate locations allow players to enjoy digital interpretations of their favourite games on a daily basis, thanks to rapid advances in technology coupled with improvements in internet connectivity.

Indeed, recent some estimates predict the global market to be worth a not insubstantial 65 million Euros by 2023.

In the UK alone there are dozens of online gambling enterprises offering their services to over 66million citizens regularly, with more and more nascent operators acquiring licenses all the time.

Government restrictions

The situation in Norway is a lot less clear-cut, however. In spite of its place as a nation that harbours a well-known affection for all forms of gaming, the pursuit of gambling has been largely off the radar in recent times. The situation is exacerbated by a distinct paucity of brick-and-mortar gaming establishments in cities like Oslo, forcing punters to take their search for a casino game to the digital realm – where most forms of gambling are offered by just a pair of state-controlled organisations.

Clearing the path for online gambling

Some progress is being made, spearheaded by Culture Minister, Thorhild Widvey, who is actively looking to champion the cause for online gambling and attempting to enact a relaxation in the country’s online gambling regulations. At the same time, Norway’s Society Committee is looking closely at the effect of gambling on other countries, including the aforementioned UK, before setting out any legislation that would pave the way for liberalisation in gambling laws.

However, the country still has many hurdles to overcome before its citizens can enjoy the type of freedoms seen across neighbouring European countries, vis-à-vis online gaming.

Other options for Norwegian players

Thankfully, alternative options do exist for Norwegian casino enthusiasts looking to wager some money in this age-old leisure pursuit. Built by a dedicated team of industry professionals, Wildz Casino is one of the newest sites in operation that lets Norwegian citizens enjoy digital versions of their favourite casino games whenever and wherever they feel like.

Most of the best-loved casino titles at Wildz are optimised for mobile, too – meaning players get to enjoy the same great features of their favourite games in the palm of their hand, without compromising on gameplay quality.

The online gaming landscape in Norwegian is something of a grey area in need of addressing, but there is hope on the horizon. The mooted relaxation of gambling laws represents something a win-win situation; providing the Government with multiple new, taxable revenue streams, while allowing its citizens to enjoy the same freedoms of many other European states – along with the chance to win some extra money!

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