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A Look Inside Living a Modern Norwegian Life

Vigeland park, Oslo
Vigeland park, Oslo. Credit: Piqsels

Avid travellers with a quest for wanderlust will find Oslo insanely beautiful as a holiday destination. Ever wondered what Nordics really love? Here are some interesting facets of people living in Oslo.

Gambling and Sports Betting

The Norwegian government has maintained a strict restraint over gambling. However, one can indulge in a gambling stint in a home set-up. It is a good way to have fun. People are also moving to online gambling as an alternative to sports betting. One can check for a peek into the online options.

Craving Koselig

When autumn sets in, Norwegians crave to be koselig (cosy). It is interesting to note that anything to be koselig, such as a conversation, dinner, house, or person. When one feels a sense of warmth that is comforting it is "koselig." In Oslo, a koselig can be created with a splash of warm colours (at home), a fire, lighting candles, good food on the table, and more.

Comfort Meals and Digital Social Moments

Norwegian fish and potato
Credit: Pixabay

Norwegians enjoy fish, potatoes, reindeer meat, and other fresh products from the mountains and sea. However, they choose to eat beans and corn from a can accompanied with minced meat (calling it Tacos) on Friday evening. With working from home as the new norm, the regular Friday beers at popular bars are changing to digital Friday events where one can still catch up with colleagues and friends.


Norwegians are fun people and they are blessed with spectacular scenery. Amid the global pandemic, a modern Norwegian lifestyle of Friluftsliv can help to live a stress-free life. Friluftsliv, a Norwegian word that means Fri (aka free), luft (aka air), and liv (aka life) spells reconnecting with nature. Norwegians love an outdoor lifestyle, and there are many ways of how one can be in nature and also follow social distancing rules. Being in nature can be a great form of a stress reliever!

Bonds and Connections

For Norwegians family is an important part of their life. Whether it is an extended family or nuclear family, it is one of the best times amid the pandemic to bond, and build stronger family connections. Conversations, virtual chats, virtual video calls can help bridge the disconnectedness (if any). It can work magic, and you don't need a wand to travel to another place, all you need is to take responsibility and virtually connect to bring cheer to your daily life.

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