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The Top Three COVID-Free Pastimes While Sightseeing in Oslo

Oslo opera house
Oslo opera house. Credit: Unsplash

Unfortunately, the Covid-19 pandemic has changed how we carry out our everyday tasks. We switched from going to restaurants and land-based establishments to ordering food online and indulging in online pastimes. 

But that still doesn’t mean we can’t go sightseeing and enjoy some Covid-free pastimes while doing so. For your next visit to Oslo, the heart of Norway, we’ve prepared a list of the most interesting activities you can carry out while soaking up the Nordic atmosphere of this city.  

Covid-free fun pastimes for Oslo sightseeing 

Here are our top three picks on the fun and creative Covid-free pastime activities while sightseeing in Oslo:  

1. Go for a long walk  

Oslo can offer you a great set of hiking areas which you should give your best to explore. For a comfortable hiking experience, you’ll need the proper sportswear, like cozy tennis shoes, a wind-proof jacket, a watch, etc. Explore the great palette of these products to choose your hiking equipment and sail away into the most breathtaking corners of Oslo.     

2. Stop to take pictures of landscapes you find amusing

When you’re sightseeing in Oslo, you will undoubtedly be mesmerized by numerous beautiful sceneries, architecture, and the unique Nordic atmosphere. A good idea would be to bring a camera along and stop to take pictures of all these breathtaking details. Don’t be lazy to take them. You can develop the pictures when you get back home and frame them. Place them on the walls of your living room and create long-lasting memories of your tour around Oslo, while also boosting the atmosphere of your home with these photographic decorations.  

3. Video-call close friends

Indeed, when you’re sightseeing, you don’t often think about friends and family. But a good Covid-free pastime is calling a close friend or a family member through a video call when you’re sitting on a bench and resting from a long walk. This is a fun, heartwarming, and purposeful activity, as your friends and loved ones will be happy to hear from you and have a peek into how your stay in Oslo is going. In return, you’ll also feel glad to hear from them and maybe catch up on the things you missed from their life when you were overwhelmed with work.    

Final thoughts 

As you can see, there are numerous interesting pastimes you can indulge in while sightseeing in Oslo. You won’t need many gadgets for them, just a smartphone, a camera, and good sportswear. Don’t be lazy to take pictures of beautiful landscapes because, that way, you can create ever-lasting memories.

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