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The Best Souvenirs to Bring Back Home from Oslo

Credit: Unsplash / Jonathan Ybema

Oslo is a cultural hub of Norwegian culture and history. You'll have tons to see while visiting this magnificent city. However, you also have to bring something back home as a memento of your visit. Moreover, there are likely friends and family that expect a gift as well. 

Some might find it funny or even useful if you bring them sex toys but others might expect something more conventional. Fortunately there's something for everybody so make sure you make the best choice. With that in mind, here are some of the best souvenirs to bring back home from Oslo. 

1. Troll figurines

Norwegian folklore is full of tales about trolls. Trolls, also known as "trollkvinner" or "trollmen" in Scandinavian native tongues have long since been associated with darkness, magic and even death. However, in recent years trolls had a change of image into small night creatures that are shy and mischievous. 

You've probably seen one of these figurines as they're quite adorable with long point hair. This is an ideal gift for a child or even an adult who is a fan of these creatures as well as their cute appearance. Many people, regardless of age, like troll figurines, especially because they are so well-made. You just can't go wrong with this gift.

2. Cheese

Everyone loves cheese. Those who don't are either lying or they are lactose intolerant and can't eat cheese. Bringing someone cheese as a souvenir or a gift seems a bit off doesn't it? Wait until you bring them Norwegian brown cheese. 

Even though this product is made from goat or cow milk, Norwegians claim that it's not technically cheese per se but everyone ignores them. 

Norwegians eat brown cheese on special occasions. You can find brown cheese in most of Oslo's supermarkets. Add a cheese slicer to that, which is one of Norway's top inventions by the way, and you have a perfect gift for a cheese enthusiast.

3. Viking drinking horn

When you visit Oslo it would be a real shame not to get something related to Vikings. After all, Norway's history is that of Vikings and you'll find all sorts of memorabilia related to the Viking age. You can find almost any souvenir related to Vikings, such as jewellery, sword and shield replicas and so on. However, is there a better Viking-related gift for someone than a Viking drinking horn? 

Highly unlikely. This gift may be more cheesy than cheese but you can't deny the fact that it's awesome. You don't have to drink from it. You can hang it on the wall and you'll have an amazing decoration in an instant. 

4. Bundad

Bundad is Norwegian traditional clothing worn by men and women on special celebrations. This unique piece of clothing is usually hand-made and is very beautiful. In most cases, people like to buy traditional folk costumes for their friends and relatives as a gift or a souvenir. 

For instance, people will buy "Dirndl" (Tracht) or "Lederhosen" folk costumes when they visit Germany and they will buy Bundad when they visit Norway. 

Unfortunately, the real Bundad will cost you an arm and a leg and are very difficult to come by. A traditional hand-made Bundad costs around 30,000 Norwegian Kroner. Moreover, Bundads are a Norway thing and are not handed out to strangers just like that. On the bright side, there are nice replicas that will do just fine. 

Closing Words

Oslo is one of the top tourist attractions. The city has everything you can possibly imagine. It shouldn't be too difficult for you to find an ideal gift or a souvenir to bring back home to your friends and family.

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