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How To Keep Yourself Entertained While Visiting Oslo

Opera House Oslo
Opera House, Oslo. Credit: Unsplash / Oliver Cole

Visiting Oslo is always a fun and exciting endeavor. The capital of Norway has a lot to offer to both newcomers and repeat visitors. You simply can’t hope to see everything Oslo has to offer in one visit.

Visiting landmarks and popular places is just part of the experience. How do you keep yourself entertained in between? 

Locals have seen everything there is to see so they have their own way of entertaining themselves. They might look for one of the sites to compare casinos so that they can find the best game selection or the best welcome bonuses online casinos have to offer. 

But doing what the locals do is just part of the experience. You should also look for various activities to entertain yourself while you prepare for the next trip. That being said, here are a few ways to entertain yourself while visiting Oslo.

Tour of the Fjords

One of the best sources of entertainment in Oslo is booking a cruise to visit Oslo’s amazing fjordic scenery. The best thing about the trip is that you can choose either a modern ferry or a traditional wooden boat for sightseeing. 

Every guest is provided with a first-class service that includes food, drink, live narration and an open bar. It’s truly a dream come true. You can also choose to visit a beautiful coastal city of Bergen, which is a unique tourist attraction with numerous activities.

You’ll be greeted by Tyskebryggen, otherwise known as Bryggen Hanseatic Wharf that’s both colorful and beautiful. 

Narrow alleys filled with shops, boutiques and restaurants will demand your full attention. That’s why Tyskebryggen is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the top tourist attractions in Bergen.

National History Museum

If you want to explore both Oslo’s and Norway’s rich history, you should definitely visit the National History Museum. 

There are various exhibits that may be of interest to you. Unfortunately, you may not be able to see everything in one day so multiple visits will be necessary in that case.

If you’re also a fan of nature but you don’t feel like venturing outside the city into the wilderness, the museum has a gorgeous botanical garden you can enjoy. 

If not you can simply enjoy some of the museum's numerous exhibits. The museum is located in the Tøyen neighborhood, which is easily accessible through most of Oslo's central districts. 

Tusenfryd amusement park

If you like adrenaline to keep you busy and entertained, Tusenfryd amusement park is just 30 minutes away from Oslo. You can take the metro to the amusement park and try out some of its breath-taking roller coaster rides. 

The amusement park is equipped with all sorts of activities with over 40 different rides. There are also plenty of food and drink outlets so you can spend the entire day in the amusement park without getting bored. 

Skimore ski resort

Also located 30 min away from Oslo is the famous Skimore ski resort. With 18 different slopes and 11 lifts, this ski resort can be an ideal source of entertainment for anyone who enjoys fun activities on the snow. 

If it’s not winter, Oslo Winter Park becomes something entirely different. In fact, you’ll be presented with mountain biking trails, a treetop climbing park that includes ziplines and a wide variety of guided bike tours. There’s something for everyone. 

Closing Words

Oslo has many things to offset to its visitors. No matter in which season you visit Oslo, there will be numerous sources of entertainment waiting for you to enjoy. All that remains is to pick an activity and enjoy it to the fullest while you tour the city.

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