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Must Do Activities

Exciting Nightlife Activities to Do in Oslo

Oslo at night
Credit: Pxfuel

After what seems like forever, now is the time to let loose and shake a leg by exploring the local nightlife and all the fun & exciting activities one can enjoy without worrying about a curfew. Don’t just book a flight to Oslo and see the tourist attractions, but plan a trip where you have time off from work to unwind, relax and party hard with friends. There is nothing better than downing a few drinks, walking at night and breathing without a mask!

Walk By the City Landmarks

While daytime exploration is fun here, evenings and nighttime are when the landmarks are lit up and have a different effect on the skyline. Take day & night pictures to see the transformation!

Drink & Dance!

The Norwegian capital Oslo is a place with an exciting & entertaining nightlight. And with relaxed rules & regulations, you now have a chance to go out, drink, dance, party hard with friends, and mingle with other locals at the hottest nightclubs in the city. Stay safe, mask up if necessary but also have a good time!

Friendly Gambling

Are you feeling lucky? See if lady luck is on your side by taking part in some gambling with friends. You need not visit any casino; play online; safe & sound! Use some of your hard-earned money to participate in fun activities with friends and see who wins!

Oslo cruise
Credit: Pixabay / Another_Simon

Take a Trip to the Shoreline

Any season by the beach is worth the visit, even if it is cold or scorching hot! The beautiful landscape, the city skyline view and the restaurants & markets nearby make it the best place to stop by for a chit-chat with the locals. Book cruise tours, or simply cycle, walk or take a segway around to feel fresh & alive!

All You Can Eat!

We recommend ditching your diet and forgetting to count your calories, especially when visiting Oslo on holiday. Try out the local cafes, visit the speciality bakeries and head over to restaurants that serve a variety of International cuisine. Pets are welcome in some spots, so you have more to see & enjoy!

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