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Natural History Museum at the University of Oslo

Zoology Museum Oslo
Zoology Museum Oslo
Credit: Nickrds09 / CC BY-SA 3.0 NO

For History lovers, visiting a museum as old as this one will definitely help learn more about Oslo.

The Natural History Museum at the University of Oslo is the largest and oldest museum of natural history in Norway.
Founded in the year 1814, this museum is perfect for kids as well, with a large Tyrannosaurus Rex at the entrance keeping everyone entertained.

The museum showcases a large number of animals that you will find all across the globe and also those only specific to the region of Norway. The main attraction is the Darwinius masillae fossil also known as ‘Ida’, a primate from the Eocene Epoch.

Natural History Museum Botanical Garden
Natural History Museum Botanical Garden
Credit: Flickr / Such&such / CC BY 2.0

You can also find semi-precious stone displays showcasing the geology of the area with over 2 million specimens. The Museum also has a Botanical Garden with 35,000 plants and 7,500 species along with two exhibition greenhouses Palmehuset and Victoriahuset as well as a 150-acre garden area.

If you are a fan of botany, zoology, geology or archaeology, this Natural History Museum at Oslo will surely keep you engaged. A must-visit destination in Oslo, whether with kids or just by yourself the museum will ensure you leave the place with a handful of pictures and a mindful of information.

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