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  1. Check Out the Top Outdoor Activities in Oslo

    Are you confused regarding what to do and visit during a trip to Oslo? We have it covered! Besides seeing some beautiful Norwegian architecture and famous tourist attractions in the city, do book some amazing tours that will make travel to Oslo truly unique. Read on to find out the top outdoor activities.

  2. Explore Oslo with a Hop On-Hop Off Tour

    Credit: Viator Are you short on time and want to explore all that is possible? Or perhaps would love to discover the city on a bus rather than walking? The beautiful capital of Norway provides for the perfect destination, allowing people to visit and see this picturesque town and the historic attractions it has to offer. Read more to find ...

  3. Explore the Nature in Oslo with Island Hopping

    Norway’s capital city isn’t just a stunning coastal backdrop, but the city also has a variety of sightseeing attractions to enjoy and experience. Now, if you are travelling solo, or are planning to experience wandering about the Oslofjords like a local, then there is no better way to travel than with an island hopping tour.

  4. Experience the Northern Lights while travelling to Oslo

    Credit: Viator For people who love sailing and ships, Oslo is the city, to spend your holiday. The local culture proudly reflects the Viking history and the famous Viking Ship Museum displays the Norwegians sailing history. While the city holds a lot of attractions, try exploring the well-known Northern lights during holiday in Oslo!

  5. Enjoy Oslo’s Beer and Cheese Tasting

    Known for its Viking History and impressive museums, the capital city of Norway has to be on top of your list as the destination to visit in Europe. Oslo has plenty of European architecture to marvel, but the main landmarks are the beautifully designed gardens scattered across the city. Survey the lush vegetation of the city with a Beer and ...

  6. A Day at Oscarsborg Fortress and Drobak near Oslo

    Credit: Kjetil Lenes / CC BY-SA 3.0 Oslo isn’t just the capital city of Norway, but it is also a tourist symbol for the stunning Oslo Fjords and anyone interested in Viking history. While the Viking Museum among many other spots is a popular tourist attraction, the places and towns around Oslo like Drobak and the famous Oscarsborg Fortress ...

  7. Enjoy a Road Trip from Oslo to Bergen

    The Viking Museum and their history are well-known throughout the world, but many forget that Oslo is in fact, a scenic coastal destination with stunning fjords to see. On your travels, plan a trip to the town of Bergen from Oslo and be prepared to be in complete awe!

  8. Explore Oslo with the Oslo Pass

    The capital city of Norway is without a doubt a wondrous place to visit. Known for its lush green scenery and a large number of museums, Oslo certainly does not hold back in terms of the number of landmarks and places to visit. Now while one can book a tour to explore the city, we do recommend taking an Oslo ...

  9. Things to do in Oslo in Easter

    Easter is one of the most cherished holidays in Oslo.Take the whole Easter week as a holiday and go skiing, or spend a quiet and relaxing time and more.

  10. Enjoy an Incredible Horse Trekking Adventure in Oslo

    Credit: Viator For nature-lovers, the pristine landscape of Oslo can be a perfect getaway to soak in stunning views. If looking for adventurous things to do in Oslo, then horse trekking is an ideal activity to explore the mountains and beauty of Oslo.